Our offer

Get in touch if you have a project you want to discuss, big or small!

We have the experience and knowledge to follow entire processes from vision and early stages, to finished construction and interior design. We work with the entire range of projects such as renovation, reconstruction and all forms of interior architecture.

Our main focus is hotels and restaurants but we also have experience in offices, private homes, churches and hospitals. We can look at whether a business will work in a specific location and we have the skills to work with brand building interior design to strengthen a company’s vision in the interior.


Sustainability is important to us in both design and materials.

Everyone in our team is a qualified interior architect and we all have different backgrounds in the profession. We also have a network of consultants regarding house architects, building engineers, lighting design, graphic design and visualisers. 

We are happy to meet to tell you more about ourselves or discuss a project. Contact us here.

What we can help you with:

Sketches, early stage

Concept and design proposal

Project planning/Construction design

Interior design proposal



Carpentry documents

Purchase documents




This is how a project can look like when you work with us:


Conditions and needs are defined. Strategies are formulated for the project to achieve the desired goal regarding design and budget. We confirm a consensus around the project and set up a common timetable.


2.Koncept and Design proposal

Now the work begins with shaping the identity of the project. We draw floor plan layouts and will invesigate functions and furniture. We develop a concept with image based moodboards together with physical material, textile and coloursamples. The concept is presented to the customer and the basis for continued work is established.

3.Project planning/Construction design

Layout and functions are established. Documents for the construction are drawn up with material description and room description for all surface layers. 


Vi skapar interiöra och exteriöra 3D Visualiseringar som tar fram det absolut bästa med ert projekt.


At this stage we select all furniture, textiles, lighting, art and decor. We design a lot of specific carpentry, carpets, textiles and art for the project: to make the space unique and to amplify the specifik identity of the project. Drawings are produced such as purchase documents, coded floor plans, carpentry and product drawings.

5. Finalizing

We continuously follow the completion of the project with checking production drawings, contra samples and a lot og the times the finishing touches are also made by us on site.

Throughout the process, continuous meetings take place between us and the client.