The Tree

News (2024-03-21)

”The Tree”, an art installation we recently worked on for an interior concept based on the element Earth. The tree, connecting all forms of life...

The Tree symbolizes the interconnectedness of all living beings and the passing down of wisdom through generations. As a powerful metaphor for the unity of past, present, and future. The Tree represents the resilience, endurance and stories that shape our existence. There is a theory that trees are interconnected through underground networks.
Through this network, trees can share resources, warn each other of potential threats, and even support weaker or injured trees. This interconnectedness showcases the rich and intricate relationships that exist in natural ecosystems.

Utilizing computer animation to bring this phenomenon to life located in a lobby, this art installation transmits messages through the space. Light is flowing from the illustration and continuing out through the space with illuminating lights installed in the floor in a continues loop. This loop adds an immersive element to the experience, making it an engaging and unique piece of interactive art.

The presence of the tree at the entrance of the space creates a sense of connection and grounding for visitors, as its energy spreads throughout the space, creating an interconnected relationship between the tree and the environment. This communication through the flooring allows for a harmonious flow of energy within the space, fostering a unique and natural atmosphere for all who enter.

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Exciting new concept for Slättö and Strawberry new hotel chain!

News (2024-02-21)

We are proud of the trust to be responsible for the interior design concept and design for the new hotel chain with a focus on high quality in terms of both sustainability and design.

The first hotel is expected to open in Q2 2025 in Falkenberg, with 151 rooms, restaurant, Drive-through, kids room, lounge, Co-working, and gym.

The hotel is adapted for both short- and long-term residents, travelers by car, sports teams and people who temporarily or for a longer period need accommodation. The hotel's service and offer will be adapted and adjusted based on the target group and the location's needs, local actors and accessibility for the guest will be important building blocks in the project.

Stockholm design week 2024

News (2024-02-05)

The feeling that we bring with us is "Quiet Luxury" transparency, materiality, craftsmanship, knowledge sharing and sustainability.

Sophisticated without being overtly flashy or ostentatious, refers to subtle and refined elements that exude sophistication. High-quality materials "raw materials" honest materials without a facade that hides the materiality, expert craftsmanship and understated elegance, creating a sense of luxury that is timeless. This approach focuses on creating a sense of calm and through minimalist design choices that endure over time. As the industry continues to grapple with climate change and environmental sustainability.

Many brands drew from their archives and refreshed, or paid tribute to, traditional craft methods and materials.


News (2024-02-01)

Mod is currently working on the renovation of the conference areas at Clarion Hotel C, a hotel located in the heart of Stockholm.