Sigtunahöjden Spa - the Swedish forest

News (2023-09-01)

Mod are responsible for the design concept and project planning when Sigtunahöjden is renovating their spa area. The concept takes its origins from the Swedish forest with an interior that contains natural materials and earthy tones. The fire, warm lighting and varied zones create an inviting place for relaxation.

Del av koncept

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Uni3 By Geely, Building Earth

News (2023-08-22)

Interior concept and planning for the entrance floor of the newest building on campus Uni3, Geely's innovation center at Lindholmen in Gothenburg. The architecture of the campus is inspired by the five Chinese elements, of which this building is based on the element earth.

With the element as a starting point, we have strived for as timeless a design as possible, with sustainable materials and exciting production techniques and materials. Involving all the senses has been more important than ever in this project.

The building will be ready in the summer of 2024.


A space that calls to all scences in a fine balance where details is to be discovered. In a world with a lot of impressions, this would be a space to take a deep breath. A taste experience in the restaurant, a sound shower, and tactile materiaal and interactive carpentry that makes you want to touch and feel. Eye catching furniture to rest your eye on and fragranced material to activate your smell.